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No Power To Coil Plug 2000 TJ

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Hey Everyone i pulled my 2000 jeep TJ off the road about 8 months ago to do a trans swap and paint etc. when i parked it ran fine and started no problem (even after sittting for several months) so i just finished putting the new trans in and hooked everything back up and tried to start my jeep it turned over and over and over took the coil pack off and test each with a spark plug and then disconected the plug from the coil pack and checked each wire and there was no power to any of them when ignition was on does anyone have any suggestions on what to do would greatly appreciate some advice
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Check fuse 26 in the Power Distribution Center and the Auto Shutdown Relay... If either one of these is bad, you won't get power to the coil rail. If they are both good, then you are looking at a bigger problem, as the control voltage comes from the Powertrain Control Module.

I hope that you find out it's a simple problem!
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