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I know there are several threads posted on here because I've been reading them...

Before I start I must say I recently did a. 14month frame off. Resto on this jeep... Everything is basically new.

I've been driving my jeep everywhere for 9 months w/no issues what so ever.

Here's what I've got and where I'm at.
1. Originally the jeep would miss(skip) here and there. Progressively got worse...I thought it was water in fuel so I changed the filter, dropped the tank and drained it.
It was running at this point.

2. Now it won't start...I've replaced the CPS with one from AUtozone I read afterwards to buy from jeep. I didn't.
3. Replaced the ECU and rebuilt my old one (capacitors x3 ) all replaced correctly, all grounds removed, sanded, replaced and checked from battery (all are 12.8)+\-
4. I'm at the point of checking pins from the ecu and here's where I'm noticing my issues

*** A. W/ key ON W VOLT METER IN PIN #4 neg probe / PIN # 6 pos probe I'm gettin 0.00
***B. also w the neg probe in Pin # 51 I'm getting 12.39v w KEY OFF W/ pos probe to battery
(Is this a bad ground to the fuel pump prime circuit) ? If so I read there was one on the e brake mechanism (I can't find it, if there is) and also if there isn't what is the process of grounding this circuit if that is in fact the issue.

Also, knowing the CPS and the cam sensor need to sync to produce spark ...i still have no tach movement I've done all the pin tests and checks from the battery w bypassing the ASD. Relays. (And 10amp in fuse block)
Nothing has produced anything.

All relays are good, grounds are good from motor to body/body to frame/frame to motor (all new neg ground/battery cables) wiring to tank (3pin plug) checked and all are in great contact as they were designed

What am I missing kinda frustrated w this at the moment...I'm missing the best weather of the year. :0/

Thank you

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