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No throttle after aftermarket radio install... HELP!

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Hey guys, new to the forum... here goes, installed an aftermarket radio and subwoofer last weekend. Blew a couple fuses, replaced them and radio/sub worked fine. Didnt try driving it until the next morning, started right up, went into gear, pushed gas pedal and... NOTHING. The Electronic Throttle Control light (red lightening bold) is on between the speedometer and tachometer. Ive disconnected the battery, checked fuses, disconnected the new radio/sub, hooked everything back up like it was factory and nothing has changed. Called dealer and they think a bus line? has been interfered with and possibly blew a module.. Any tricks I should try before I load it up and take it to town?

Thanks for the help
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The JK HAL9000 is mad at you for replacing a component.
You didn't disconnect the battery before the install? These new vehicles are nothing like the oldies. Our jeeps have three computers now. All connected with an operating system called the CANBUS. Everything from the voltage going to your headlights, to the delay timer in your wiper motor, is connected through the canbus. If you add aftermarket lights to the fog light harness, you can and should expect weird things to happen. I've seen wipers come on with the fog light switch. All because the canbus gets confused with the added load. What modules did you install when you installed the new deck? There should be at least a canbus bypass interface. Either way, take it in. My guess is it's something in the canbus.
Sorry for the repost, realized it should've been in this forum. Move it, merge it, whatever.
Honestly I trusted a friend to install it and I don't believe they disconnected the battery...
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