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No washer fluid for rear window

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Happened a few days ago, I pushed the button under the radio to operate the rear wiper (hard top), the wiper arm works, I can hear the washer fluid pump or motor working, but water is not coming out of the nozzle, there is water in the tank because it the washer fluid reaches the front nozzles. What could have gone wrong? Thanks.
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Probably a kink or some other damage to the tubing running to the back. One other thing to check is to ensure the tubing is actually plugged into the nipple on the hard top. If the top has been removed, it's possible someone plugged the line. My LJ has a little cap on a tether attached to the end of the tubing.
Also, the pickup for the rear wiper is higher up in the fluid tank than for the front wipers. So it's possible that you just need to top off your fluid enough so that it's above the pickup for the rear wiper. I've had that happen before.
Thanks guys, I will check both when I return home from my trip tomorrow. Is it possible for the washer pump to turn on while being defective at the same time?
Technically possible if the auger stripped. Usually if it doesn't pump but runs its just clogged.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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