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Six months ago, my mother was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and is pretty much unable to walk. She has a nice mobility chair for getting around, but they can't haul it around in their current vehicle, as it is now. The car is a 2006 Buick Terraza (small van).

Her wheel chair will easily fit into the center of the van, if the seats are removed. She would ride in the front seat, just using the center section to transport the wheel chair.

My dad has already removed the seats and test fit everything. The problem is that, when the seats are removed, the airbag system is disabled and he says the van won't start. Somehow, I would think that that portion of the the system can be bypassed. The second row seats air bag system is an option.

I have been unable to find decent schematics for the car, the dealers won't help you disable the air bags. And the conversion folks are no help cause they aren't getting paid.

Anybody know where i can find a set of wiring diagrams? We just want to disable the second row seats, so even a dummy plug of some sort might work.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

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Maybe this will help??

slide the rear seat to the most rearward position

fold the seat back so its flat

pull the ******** the back side of the rear seat riser in order to release the riser from the floor

tilt the rear seat fully upwards

disable the SIR system ( turn the steering wheel so that the vans wheels are pointing straight ahead )

( turn off ignition )

( remove the key from the ignition switch )

( open the hood and locate the under hood fuse box )

( lift cover for under hood fuse box )

( locate and remove the air bag fuse )

lift the rear seat from the latch

remove the rear seat from the van

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Dealers won't help because it's illegal (federal law) to tamper with the airbag system.

Having said that, have you tried to contact GM mobility?

Home | GM Mobility

typically only front passenger seat has the ability to have the air bag disabled or has an auto sensing seat.

Good luck! curios to know the solution.
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