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Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself, just bought a JKU OM edition 2 months ago and loving it. Its very capable compared to what I remember back in 80's.
It has 2500 miles on it already and its been out having fun every weekend.
Anza, Big bear, Cleghorn ridge, Calico, Bonanza Gulch, etc.
Since we went during rain and snow some of these trails were a bit tricky.

So far no complaints other than my swaybars was replaced by dealer after making a lot of noise. They said it was installed wrong (factory).

Reason I prefer the non-rubi is the LSD while I know there is a fix that allows lock at 4H on rubi just did not want to mess with all that.

Mods so far
1- Garvin rock rails
2- Poison Spyder Evap Skid
3- Barnettperformance front and rear diff skid/cover
5- 5x Rubicon hardrock wheels and tires 32" BFG Rubi Take offs
had same tire size sra from factory
6- Front and rear Rubicon Hard rock bumper skid plate (will be installed within a week) Rubi take offs
7- Rubi hardrock front skid (steel) Take offs (will be installed with bumper)
8- Winch Tmax 9000 syn (will be installed with bumper)

Mods planned
1. 2" lift (coil system)
Reason current setup is too soft
The front is less high than it was before (sag?) maybe change of coil would fix that.

2. maybe locks in front, while the break lock is impressing the hell out of me and locks may not be needed for what I do.

3. If I go bigger on tires, spare tire carrier that fits the 10A bumper

4. oil and tranny skids (maybe the rock hard ones)

Sorry about the long post. Now the question I have about 2" lift kit, I am planning on going with Mopar everyone is trying to talk me out of it.

reasons they give for not wanting me to go with mopar include
1- they will discontinue them and no more parts will be available
2- they are not as good as 3rd party (doubt that)
3- people have issues with them
4- The springs are not heavy duty
5- price (ignoring this since there is value I see in mopar installed items, warranty , jeep dealer network support, etc.)

People that bring up above want me to with
old man emu

Main complaint I have is, my front is sagging (coil/shock change may fix that)

current setup is too soft

May go with 35's later. If I end up with higher lift than 2" I may just sell these 32's and get 35's now but was not planning to do that yet.

Anyone with 2" lift from mopar can chime in (the new kit)?
Big difference seems to be the drive shafts included.

Also front lockers advise would be greatly appreciated.
Fronts are dana 33's don't want to mess them up
Someone mentioned if I mess up my front 33's I can get rubi 44's on with locks and it will work not sure if that is true but obviously not going to worry about that till my 33's go bust. Also thinking this maybe pretty expensive ;)

Safely with dana 33's I can go to 35" tires is what I have been told. That is pretty much where I will end up someday.

Love to hear from you

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Welcome to the Forum! Looks like yo have a good start on the JK mods.
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