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Hello, all. First post here, first Jeep - total 'noob.' I've always had 4x4 trucks, but I thought a Jeep would be a bunch of fun. Thank you in advance for being patient with my ignorance of Jeeps. I recently moved to, and live in, Medellin, Colombia. I am a retired US Soldier, and just purchased a 1987 YJ. It will be difficult to source parts and whatever I purchase needs to be 'right' the first time, to the extent possible. I have already pulled and rebuilt the transmission. The interior is gutted and seats are being reupholstered. Top is off and being replaced with a bikini (should be fun in this climate). Interior and exterior are being sprayed with T-Rex bedliner. Finally, changing all fluids, doing a complete tune-up, and 'service', as necessary. I also want to 'modernize' for 'drivability' - meaning new shocks, gauges, stereo, etc.

In the near future, I want to do something with the stock engine. I'm curious what you would recommend. I am considering doing a bore and stroke job here in Colombia, or possibly purchasing a Clifford Performance kit. Basically, I want to get the Jeep somewhere in the vicinity of 300hp or somewhere in the power range of a 327 Chevy. These are arbitrary statements because I don't really know what the hell I'm talking about. Bottomline, I want the Jeep to sound and be powerful....nothing extreme, but I want it to sit asses in the backs of seats and be capable of breaking tires free on the street. This machine will be a short distance (10-15 miles/day) daily driver, on pavement in the city and mountains, with the occasional longer distance trip (100-200 miles, every two months or so). Gravel roads are not uncommon here, sometimes muddy/wet conditions, and on some occasions I will be off-road on dirt trails. She needs to be able to 'wheel', but there won't be any rock crawling or extreme terrain or need of exceptional articulation.

Thanks again. Your thoughts, please?


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