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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Northridge 4x4!

I ordered a Tuffy security tailgate enclosure for my 2016 JK from their direct competitor on 12/28. After placing the order I was informed through email that the item was on backorder and would be shipping soon. No worries I thought, its the holidays and they probably just depleted their stock for Christmas! After several weeks and no update I contacted them and was informed it would be in next week. I waited and nothing so I called again only to be informed that it would be another week. Frustrating but it happens, I'm a reasonable person so I waited and gave them another call only to be informed that it would be the second week of February now! I decided to wait and see what happens so I call back today and I am told the end of April or early May. I tell the customer service guy I have been waiting 7 weeks and was promised the second week in February there would be a shipment. He puts me on hold to call Tuffy so I head to Northridge 4x4's website and start a chat. Sure enough they have it in stock and ready to ship so I place an order, they even gave me a 5% discount for being a forum member and free shipping! My order is placed and I have a UPS tracking number before the competitors customer service rep responds with an update, the shipment will be any day now.

Needless to say I cancel my order but maybe its a fluke so I ask if they have the Ace rock sliders in stock since I payed with a promotional GC I bought just before Christmas and sure enough its on backorder. I ask Northridge 4x4 if they have it in stock and guess what? They do and its ready to ship today!

I ask for a refund from the first company and they kindly agree. They will be mailing me a paper check in 5 business days... Thats right, an online retailer is sending me a paper check as a refund in 2016. I think i found out today that I'm a Northridge 4x4 guy so thank you for your amazing service!

Anyone else agree with me?
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