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I would guess its around $24-26K, a lot of variables with the value of a vehicle...

options- is it an auto or manual, nav, leather, tow, etc?

Condition and history- paint, tires, interior, clean car fax?

Add ons- The wrangler is one of the only vehicles I have seen where things you add actually add value, I had a corvette I did $35K in work to that was worth less than a stock untouched vette, with a wrangler you add $4K in lift and tires and it adds $6K to the value, lol...

heres a 6spd with over 50 on the clock sold for $24K leather no nav, bone stock in really nice condition. For some reason it seams the Rubicons hold their value best, and automatic with leather and nav do a good amount more than sticks with cloth and base radio, sometimes to the tune of $5K+, I have seen sticks with less miles and in better condition sell for MUCH less than loaded automatics with high miles in not as nice condition... Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Roof | eBay

hope this helps
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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