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I have been trying to resole the issue of missing & twisted off stud bolts on my 94 YJ. Had it replaced by relatives when I didn't have access for the last 3 years. Well, the best that I can determine is they twisted off at least 2 in the xfer case, one at the bottom is missing/twisted off, one was all the way out but couldn't drop, one was stripped in the case and one had no nut on it. I have 3 of them in and tightened for now.

Anyway, in the search, I found that Jeep wants $5 for each stud and $3.50 for each nut. Well, I'm pretty certain that the stud is a Double-End Stud 3/8"-24 SAE x 1" -3/8"-16 USS x 5/8". A STANDARD 3/8"x24 nut should work.

I Googled 3/8" 16 24 and here is what I came up with 10 Double-End Stud 3/8"-24 SAE x 1" -3/8"-16 USS x 5/8": Automotive

As I read it there are 10 in a package for $8. Since they are available there, I am sure that they can be found as singles also.

Somebody might verify that the case thread is 3/8"x16.

Actually you should be able to use a 3/8"x16 double ended and use a 3/8"x16 nut with washer.

Here they are on EBAY
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