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Nubee=dumb question

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I have just purchased my first Wrangler. 2013 2 door Sport S Bright White...I have had 4 wheel drive vehicles in the past and they all have had front wheel hub dissconnects of some type, either manual or automatic switches where you had to disconnect and then back up for them to fully disengauge.

Do wranglers hubs stay engauged ?? or do they have a auto disconnect. Ive never seen one with a way to disconnect the hubs. Just curious, am learning alot about this unique vehicle...

Will have many more foolish questions...This forum is awesome !!!!!:hide:
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Wranglers have no disconnect at the wheels. They are a solid, permanent connection. There is also no disconnect at the differential like on GM vehicles. The only disconnect point on a Chrysler vehicle is at the transfer case itself. So that means your axle shafts and driveshafts are going to spin 100% of the time...but they only get power from the engine when you select 4-high or 4-low.
Nothing to disengage or disconnect. The front axles are splined to the hubs so when the Jeep is moving they are turning. But in 2WD they basically freewheel. When you shift into 4WD they receive power from the transfer case via the front driveshaft.
Thanks, That definately answers my question....
Seems like its been quite a while since vehicles came with manual disconnects from the factory hasn't it? I hope you can get used to staying in your seat to engage ;-) Enjoy and congrats!
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