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O2 sensor

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I need a picture of how the oxygen sensor on the exhaust pipe just down from the manifold is wired on a 87 Wrangler. It is currently disconected. It also has a single wire comming out of it and the Haynes manuel shows 4 wires but they are covering 87 - 95. 4.2 engine. Any help is much appreciated:confused: Griz
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did you ever figure out where the O2 sensor connects? I have an 88 4.2L, the O2 sensor is actually in the exhaust manifold, not in the exhaust pipe (at least I think it is the O2 sensor), and it only has one wire coming out of it. The engine is out right now, so the wire is disconnected, but I could probably figure out where it connected before I pulled it.
The Jeep is currently down at the local 4X4 shop. turns out the entire pulse air system is missing so the are putting it back together and are going to hook the O2 sensor back up. Also putting the OEM air filter with all its bells and whistles back together and having a tune up done. Once its running good I can start on all the other fun mods I want to do. Griz
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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