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So this happened with me... Sort of. I had the original sending unit and pump and I had replaced it myself. After having problems again I gave in and took it to a shop. The jackass did the same thing you were saying. He couldn't find a 15 gallon tank sending unit so he kept the 20gal one and bent it. Causing it to burn out the motor and give me a wrong reading on my gauge. It was pretty hard for me to find a 15 gallon sending unit and I needed the jeep. So what I did was used 1/4 inch corrian. You can use what ever you want that is resistant to gas and won't break down. I built it up until it was the right size. I think the 20 gallon tank is about 3/4 higher so I only raised it with three pieces. I drilled holes through and got bigger bolts for the tank. It worked and fit and runs great. Try that out
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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