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There is a white plastic tub in the bottom of the tank, it's to keep gas in the pump while cornering or climbing. Did your new tank come with this? If it not aligned correctly your pump may be resting on the edge of the splash tank. These get warped over time and many, including myself have pulled them out with no ill effects. They are just plastic welded into the bottom so pulling it out was no big deal.
He is correct, only 1 tank. The plastic tub gets all warped due to the fact that it was never intended to be submerged in ethanol blends. It gets soft and looses its shape. Remove it and your sending unit/ pump assembly should fit fine. Mine is still in place, but my gauge wont go below a1/4 tank because float hits the tub. Will remove in the spring.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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