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Got my 13 jk auto with 3.73 gears back from dealer warranty work. Had to pull dash to replace heater core. Looking around I noticed my OBD port was loose. Looking closer it seams there is alot of prongs without metal connectors.

Using my procal in the past I don't remember it being this way. If anyone on here can do me a favor and look at their obd port on a 13 with basic package besides hardtop,3.73 gears and tell me how many metal prongs they have I would appreciate it. Mine have prongs on slots 4,5,6 and 14,16. If you look close they have black raised numbers under the slots.

Really nervous about using my procal and having it go into limp mode. Maybe dealership set this up as to trap me. Idk paranoid side of me I guess.

Reason being, I forgot to clear my procal prior to taking it in. Supposedly it doesn't latch on but who knows.
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