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My 08JK serves perfectly quietly about 90% of the time.....but unpredictably and without any changes other than the way the wind is blowing, I will suddenly get an odd variety of squeaks, rubs, and odd jiggy-squeak noises that may sound like "under the dash/behind the glove box/under passenger seat" or the clacky-jiggle of the hard top panel front metal clips. Or other maybe the rear seat belt roll-up mechanism etc etc etc.

I've hunted down and eliminated a number of body noises, such as the front lower fender squiggysquiggy noise.

I've followed a number of threads here trying to correlate their discoveries with my own.

The last 2 months I've been in the 'behind glove box' mode, and took it out most of this time frame. Last week I managed to dislodge the black plastic air tube that diverts air from the blower to behind the glove box. Eventually I'll get it back on, yet so far working by feel alone has proven frustrating.

So I stopped by a Jeep dealer body shop that had given good information before.

The old time manager was in a receptive and helpful mood, and discussed for some 20+ minutes things I had never considered very much in 'why' this issue is so intermittent yet unresponsive to permanent remedy.

He made the notion 'rubber mounted body' on otherwise solid frame, still subject to twisting and distortion, with periodic stress loading resulting in various noises, as being unavoidable.

He showed me some details on the front end of a nearly-new JKU they had apart for other issues, and discussed the complexities of under-dash squeak removal. He was willing to take it off but advised it would be expensive & may well not resolve the complaint.

Then again, maybe he was just gently running me off.

Given previous squeak experience on such as Volvo, Mercedes, Cadillac etc, not to mention a variety of sports & performance rigs, perhaps I should focus on the 90% PIA noise-free times.

So it's sunny here today. I'll be in 'spring-cleaning' and 'silicon spray' mode.
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