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Two months ago I changed all 5 TPMS sensors on my 08 JK. All seemed well in a day or two when everything synced up.

This week the TPMS comes on and stays on.

I checked all pressures, all at 35, with two gauges.

I took it to a buddy's shop and we wireless scanned all TPMS sensors. All are at 35PSI.

We connect a OBD scanner to the Jeep. It says the two rear tires are at 16.8PSI, and there are no fault codes, yet the TPMS light is lit steady.

We triple checked all pressures and they are all at 35PSI. Yet, the Jeep is sensing 16.8PSI on two tires and (I assume) is throwing a low pressure alarm. We pumped the two suspect tires to 65PSI and the Jeep OBD port read them at 31PSI. Not yet enough to turn off the lamp. I was afraid to go any higher, as it could have been another problem if they blew.

So....the question is....what would make the Jeep sense 16.8PSI, when we are CERTAIN that all tires are at 35PSI???

Any help is much appreciated. The local dealer would have this for weeks and hit for $2K before they got it.
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