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OEM foglight installation in a Sport

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I just bought a set of OEM fog lights off a 2002 Sahara to put on my 2000 Sport that didnt have them on it from the factory.Does the Sport harness have provisions for the fog lights or do I have to build a harness for them? My fuse box under the hood has a space that labeled for a fog lamp fuse but there is no fuse in it. I dont know if the fuse box is the one used on all models which I suspect and there might or might not be a connection for a fog lamp fuse inside the box.

If I have to build a harness for the fog lights do I make provisions for a relay so I don't have the power running through the switch for the lights?
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Do you have a fog light switch on you dash next to your ash tray?
No ,there is a space for one but its a blank cover.
If you build your harness you don't have to use a relay as long as the switch itself and the wires to it have sufficient ampacity. For 2, 55 watt lamps you will probably want to use a 30 amp switch and 12 AWG wire for reliability and minimal voltage drop to the lights. A relay is a good idea because the main power run to the lights can be shortened and a compact little swtich that might not have much ampacity can be used. Also a relay or relays allows you to set the conditions for the fogs to be enabled, if you want, and you don't have to go off a select part of the existing fuse block.

For example, I usually just use one 30 amp, 12 volt relay that takes power from one of the clearance markers or parking lights, then through the dash switch, and back to the relay coil. That way I won't accidentally leave the fogs on, on some gloomy day, and find a dead battery. Power could be taken off the fuse block where power is only present with the ignition on and no need for the relay, but messing around in the tight quarters of the fuse block and trying to add a circuit is usually more trouble than installing a $6 relay and having a shorter power run to the lights with it anyway.
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My TJ didn't have fog light wiring or a switch pre-installed and I used this harness to install OEM fog lights.

Universal Fog Light Wiring Wire Harness Kit w Relay Switch Kit | eBay
If you do have a dog light switch, but no good lights, where does wiring loom come out....
I've got the switch, but for the life me I can't find where they might plug in...
What year, type of Jeep do you have? Might be able to find it in the FSM.
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