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I hope it's okay to recommend an OEM parts supplier on this forum. I was looking for an OEM "Rubicon" spare tire cover for my JKUR and found Hickory Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Mopar, Cummins Parts & Accessories | Statesville - Wilksboro - Gastonia | Steve White Motor Parts | North Carolina They are a dealership in North Carolina that also has an E-store. I found the cover (PN 82212429) on their site for $62.87 including shipping. The local dealer wanted $78.95 for the same item and refused to give me any discounts (I asked if they could price match, they said no). I ordered the cover Wednesday July 17th and received it in todays mail! Check them out! Just wanted to pass this on to anybody looking for decent prices on OEM stuff...

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