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Oem running boards

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Just picked up a set of oem running boards. Does anyone know what the bolt size is that hold them to the frame?
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Not sure of the bolt size, but if your jeep did not have them from the factory you will probably not have the nutserts that they bolt into. You will either need to get the nutserts or try to fish a nut into the inside of the frame. Not sure the second one is possible.
I looked at my frame and the nut inserts are there. On the 2 TJs I have owned the 1st one had running boards, so they were there. On this one there were no running boards and they are there

I went to Morris 4x4 website and in their resources section I looked up their parts diagram for the 98 wrangler. On page 541 I found that they are m8-1.25 threads
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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