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Off road show

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Attachment 1014489 Ok so the time is coming, wed June 11 from 5-9 at Wayne valley high school we are having a HUGE car / truck show. There's going to be food music vendors a dyno and tons and tons of cool vehicles from bikes to military trucks and all in between. My jeep will be there and I want to get many more as we'll. last year we had over 250 vehicles this year we want over 300. It is a very fun time and there's many give aways. It cost nothing to be in the show. U don't have to bring a jeep if u don't want to u can bring anything cool to look at and anyone as we'll. if u know anyone that would want to come they are more than welcome to. Just let me know who is interested. Just post on this and I will send u the rest of the info! Plz come out and help us make it the biggest yet! Let me know ! Thanks
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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