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Officiall Intro, newbie to the Jeep world!!

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Hello guys, my name is danny, im 24 and i just got mysel a 2012 jku sahara.

Just to share a lil background info, my first car was a 2006 audi a3 s-line, then switched to a 2009 bmw 328xi, and finally this year the 2012 jku sahara.

I have always enjoyed modifying my cars, and so i have started to do with my new jeep.

I know i might get bombed here cause many of you are hard wheelers and will strongly disagree with my rim size.

However, i believe that everyone has their own taste and preferences and its always good to go for what you like cause at the end of the day is you who is going to enjoy it. Modding your vehicles is certainly a way of expressing your personality and originality.

I should let you know that in my case, the jeep is not my DD and is just my pleasure rig! Also, im not looking to go offroading more than canadian winters and trips to the mountain for snowboarding!

All that being said, here is the few things i've done to my jeep so far:

Hid's high/low beams + fogs
Night vision reverse camera
Fuel cover
2" aev leveling kit
Nitto's trail grappler 305/55/20
Kmc cranks 20's

Here are Some picts of my mods and let me know what you guys think,


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Thanks for the photos, pictures tell a bigger story.
Final product so far!


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Forgot to attach the last pict! :facepalm:

Thanks for the photos, pictures tell a bigger story.
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