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I am a newbie here and greatly appreciate the incredible knowledge base this forum affords.
I have just changed both engine and manual transmission oil. First time by me, since the first few changes were covered by a promotion at the dealer when we bought our Wrangler.
I changed to Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic 5W-20 and to Pennzoil Syncromesh in the tranny [mine took 2Qts dead on, as this seems to have been a discussion point]. Two things are immediately noticeable, the whole drive line seems quieter and the gear shift is smoother and less notchy. While this is subjective I am surprised at the difference.
One thing of concern was, the transmission fill plug was tight, and I expected the drain plug to be the same. Wrong, the drain plug was barely hand tight, not to the point of falling out but not tight enough. The Jeep has 26000 miles and the transmission has never, to my knowledge been touched. For what its worth.
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