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Oily air filter repair

:) I own a 1994 Wrangler & was having the same problem. It is true, you don't have a PCV valve, but you do have a PCV system. It sounds like it is stopped up. The oil is probably coming from the large hose running from the rear of the valve cover to the air filter box. This hose should have vacuum if you pull it from the airbox while running. It is probably blowing smoke at you with the engine running instead of sucking air. On the driver side of the valve cover there should be a smaller vacuum hose running to a nipple on the side of the valve cover. Pull the hose off the nipple and unscrew the nipple from the valve cover. Take a small gauge wire & run it through the nipple to clear the passage. Reinstall nipple & vacuum hose and you are done. Now check the larger hose, it should now be sucking air when removed from the airbox. This should clear up the oil in the filter box problem. Don't forget to replace the oily filter. If not, you may have other internal issues. Fixed mine up. Only wish I knew this before I overhauled my engine (new rings, bearings, gaskets, etc...)to try to fix this. Hope this helps, sorry for being so long winded.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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