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ok it is.. a pic of the Jeep

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the lovely lady is the owner of the jeep but she lets me play with it as much as I want too as long as I keep her smiling;)

2004 4 banger
4inch lift w/ 33x12.5

more upgrades to come
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Good looking ride, and great looking woman. Some people have it so rough in life. "All you have to do is keep her smiling". That my friend, should not be very hard to do. Congratulations on both worlds. What more could any man ask for? Great Jeep, and lovely lady. Wonderful combination.
Very nice!
Thats some good stuff man. Have fun end enjoy youre time.
what about getting her dirty? (and the jeep)
Very nice looking Jeep!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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