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OK...just tore my second pair of jeans!!!

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I friggin hate my Jeep right now. I have a 2010 JK Sahara and the hooked door latch has claimed my second pair of jeans. If I am not "very careful" when getting out of my Jeep, my belt loop on the back/left side of my jeans get caught on the door latch. Why in the world Jeep would have designed this with a hook is beyond me. Anyone else do this?
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I think this is really the length of your legs and the way you exit the Jeep... farther the seat is pushed back, greater the chance you'll get hooked on. I have short legs so I'm pretty close to the steering wheel. Don't get close to that latch. If someone just falls out the wrong way and hooks on it, just try to do things differently.

Just wear sweatpants... :nonono:
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