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I have some of Zach's very first rocker panel guards from Christmas of 2004. I have pulled them from a dead TJ that is going away soon and would like to mount them to my current TJ.

But the powder coating is coming off in small strips along the edges and there is a small amount of surface rust where the steel is exposed.

I would like to clean these off and bedline them.

Can I strip the powder coat with Aircraft Remover? It seems to take of just about everything else, so why not? Anyone here ever do this? I use the gunk on a regular basis, so setting up to strip these side rails would be a cinch for me. I just do not want to buy the stuff and deal with using and disposing of it if it will not strip powder coat.

Also, will spray-on bedliner be an adequate alternative to powder coat for rocker panel guards with slider rails?

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When rocker guards are used as intended, I don't know of any paint/powder coating/bed liner that can hold up. My Savvy rocker guards came with a high quality powdercoat finish but I still have to touch them up with satin black rattle can paint after nearly every off-road trip.
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