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Well, my new bumper arrived the other day. It is the Olympic Slider Rear Bumper ($200 to the door). So I examine the bumper and am impressed with the quality. Welds look good, finish was good. Then I proceeded to check for all parts. I was missing 2 bolts and 5 washers. I do not fault Olympic for this, as the parts were in a sealed plastic bag which had broken open. UPS must have dropped the bumper as the receiver hitch portion was poking through the box, thus this is how I assume the missing parts came to be. Down to Ace to pick up a couple of bolts and washers. Now for the install.

Pulled off the stock bumper. Removing the floatation devices (end caps) helps to reach the bolts. Once the bumper was off, I had to install two bolts with plates on them in two existing holes in the frame that were unused before. No biggie, then they are held in to place by two plastic washers. Next was putting the bumper on those two bolts. Here I had some problems, as one of the bolts would not line up correctly. I pulled the bumper back off and discovered that one of the bottom tabs of the bumper was bent upward, preventing the bumper to fit correctly. Further proof that I think UPS dropped it. A little missionary work with a BFH and it was back in it's proper spot. Then the bumper and the remaining 6 bolts went right in with narry a glitch.


1. You do not need all the hardware supplied. I had several bolts and washers left over.

2. Factory tow hook still works, though you will need a couple of the leftover washers to space the forward bolt. The metal tab on the Olympic bumper is thicker than the stock one.

3. I wish the wrap around bars were a little closer and slightly under the rear corners.

4. Spare tire has 8 PSI in it. I am running 31x10.50's on the stock carrier. The Olympic bumper sits higher than the stock one, and the rear tire, with 32 PSI in it, will not allow the tailgate to close properly. By dropping the tire pressure to 8 PSI the tailgate closes correctly and the tire is resting on the bumper. I'm glad I've got on board air.

Here are some photos:

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