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I have the standard spring OME lift for a 4door, netting at the very least 2.5" for me. Lift in new, around 5k miles on it. I'm just looking to go to a bigger lift. Paid around 700 from Northridge (this is shocks and coils), would like to see what the interest is in this kit. Would like to get around $500 for it. Make me an offer.

Part numbers are

Shocks N196 and N198
Springs, 2617 and 2616

This is a great kit, ride is awesome. I just need something to flex out better when I'm on the trails. So if you want the highest quality shocks and springs at a better price, hit me up. Only complication is the shocks/coils are still on my jeep, as I've not bought my new shocks yet. I'm out of boston, ma, so I dont mind shipping, but it will be on your dime.


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