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on brake lines and being short

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Shut up. I'm not short... oh the brake lines.

I'm concerned about my brake lines and would rather not find out if they're too short while I'm out on the trail. I put on a budget boost a short while ago and recently added a body lift.

The BB is 2 inches and the BL is 1 1/4 inches. I have 31's on and I was wondering is there was added travel that would cause my stock brake lines to be a problem.

Should I change them out?
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No worries, your brake line length is still fine for that much lift. :)
There is enough brake line, from factory, to facilitate a 4" suspension lift, at full articulation. Meaning, with no sway bar connected. In some extreme cases of flex, I did manage to get the brake line tight, so I did put some longer ones on. If you ever have any doubt, just pull up on a rock, with one tire, until the other side starts to come off the ground. That is your maximum amount of flex. Then get out, and see what your brake lines look like.
^ what he said.. up to 4" lift you're fine with the stock brake lines unless you disconnect the sway bars (disconnects).
Thanks fellas, now I just need to figure out why I have to stand on the brakes to stop the beastie :D
did you check the fluid level?
I just got the t-case drop off!!! Cut me some slack. :p
there will be no slack cut.
your brakes have nothing to do with your t-case.:confused: :p
I know, but that was what I needed to do today. Get the t-case drop off because of the motor mount lift last weekend and then check the brake lines and fluid. I'm not about speed. :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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