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I purchased my JK last summer and have love it. I have used to have an 89 TJ, but this is more comfortable, but not nearly as much poser as the 4.2l straight 6. Anyway...the indash compass is not working right and is showing incorrect direction.

Anyone have thoughts, reasons, or how to re-calibrate it to show the correct and actual direction?


The Bad Guy
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Compass Calibration​
The compass on your vehicle will automatically calibrate
when new, and will continuously adjust itself over the
life of the vehicle. If the CAL indicator is on (or flashing),
drive slowly (under 10 MPH) in an open area until the
CAL indicator is off.​
A good calibration requires a level surface and an
environment free from large metallic objects such as
buildings, bridges, underground cables, railroad
tracks, etc.

Magnetic and battery powered devices, (such as cell
phones, iPod’s, radar detectors, PDA’s and laptops)
should be kept away from the top of the instrument
panel. This is where the compass module is located
and such devices may interfere and cause false compass

Automatic Compass Calibration​
The self-calibrating feature of the compass eliminates the
need to calibrate the compass for normal conditions.
During a short initial period, the compass may appear
erratic and the CAL symbol will appear (blinking) on the
display. After the vehicle has completed at least one
complete circle under 5 mph (8 km/h) in an area free
from large metal objects, calibration will be complete
when the CAL symbol is extinguished.
After initial calibration, the compass will continue to
automatically update this calibration whenever the vehicle
is in motion.​
Manual Compass Calibration
NOTE: Before attempting a manual compass calibration,
the engine must be running and the transmission​
in the PARK position (if equipped).
If the compass appears erratic or inaccurate and the
variance has been properly set, you may wish to manually
recalibrate the compass. To manually calibrate the
1. First enter the variance mode. Press and hold the left
button (located on the instrument cluster) for approximately
10 seconds to enter the variance mode, and
release the button when the VAR (Compass Variance)
symbol appears.
2. The current variance value will also be displayed.
Once in the variance mode, it is necessary to release the
button, and then press and hold it again (approximately
10 seconds) until CAL is displayed (solid, not blinking).
3. Manual compass calibration has been initiated. Drive
the vehicle slowly in one or more circles under 5 mph
(8 km/h) in an area free from large metal objects until the
CAL symbol is extinguished.
When the CAL symbol is no longer displayed, the
compass is calibrated and should display correct headings.
Verify proper calibration by checking North (N),
South (S), East (E), andWest (W). If the compass does not
appear accurate, repeat the calibration procedure in another​


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If you didn't get a manual with your Wrangler, go to and download one for free.

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I found that I had to manually set the zone on my compass. There is a zone chart in the printed manual that Daggo speaks of.

My compass was defaulted to the zone number for Ohio...go figure! :facepalm:

I set it to the zone I reside in and it instantly calibrated!
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