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You've asked the same question like 6 times...(i understand though, i remember when i was looking for rims). Just fine the style you love and go from there...when i saw my Mickey Thompson Limited's i knew that was the rim i'd get...

The bigger the rim the more expensive its going to be and also the bigger the rim the more expensive tires are going to be...

You'll have less sidewall the bigger rim you go...

I would personally run a 16x8 classic 2 with a 33x12.5 or 35x12.5(if running them right). The 15 inch rim has a potential to rub on the caliper on a jk which may require some grinding to fit properly so i wouldnt run that (happens to some, not all).

Find a nice 16 or 17 inch rim that you like and pair it with the correct tire size you're lookin for...most likely a it a day
1 - 4 of 4 Posts