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I have a D44 3.73 geared 2001 TJ with a factory Trac Loc and 31's. I bought the TJ recently with 217k miles but on a couple trips I have already made it up hills that my buddy with 33's and open diffs had trouble on. This makes me think its still working, at least to a point.

The Jeep is just a family toy and I don't have the green light to spend much on it. I am thinking of throwing an Aussie in the front for cheap so that it can keep its road manners for my wife to drive.

I would love a selectable rear or even a Tru Trac rear but that's between 900 and 1500 installed (per local shops) which I just cant justify right now.

A local shop quoted about 160 to rebuild the trac loc if I bring them the carrier. I don't drive it much so Im not worried about wearing out clutches anytime soon.

My question is would it be worth rebuilding the trac loc in the meantime or would I barely notice any improvement?
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