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- Only weighs 6 pounds - shipping should be cost-effective. :)
- Lower bushing is easy to source - costs about $10, and lasts ~20,000 miles.
- Rubicon Express RE1687 - Rubicon Express Front Track Bar Bushing Kit with 1/2" Bolt - Quadratec
- Upper heim joint is inexpensive - looks cool mounted under your Jeep!

- 6 pounds is not enough to control tires larger than 33"
- The bend of the trackbar will probably hit your front differential - mine has been hit several times - the scar is there to prove it!
- The thin-walled construction probably won't hold up to my 'wheeling trips at the rate it is getting banged up by my diff cover.
- The cool-looking chrome heim squeeks after 20,000 miles, then contributes to a shimmy until you replace it.

I paid $105 at a 4 Wheel Parts store for mine - it looked like a returned item when I bought it.

For almost the SAME PRICE, you can buy a Metal Cloak track bar.

TJ/LJ Jeep Wrangler Solid Chromoly Front Track Bar

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I'll add that I ran f/r RE track bars with 35's with plenty of rock crawling on my previous TJ without problem. And I dare say they held up perfectly well on trails tougher than the average naysayer sees. Are they as good as those at the Currie or similar level? Of course not. Are they far better/stronger than some are willing to admit? Yes.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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