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I'm interested in getting winter Nokian Tyres (Hakkapeliitta LT 2 Studded) and Kal Tire is the only place Calgary to get them.

Looking at the wheels they offer in 17", for 2017 JKUR, using the website search by vehicle, one Core Racing (Mirage) and three Black Iron wheels come up ranging from $167 to $226.

Black Iron markets themselves as truck wheels and Core Racing is passenger. Anyone with opinion on the quality of these wheels?

Just an observation that Kal Tire has the market cornered with Nokian, pricey at $322, PMC Tire for comparison, $283, but they will not ship Nokian. And there is inventory/supply management going on - forget about getting them later on in winter.

With the wheels maybe I should try to find take-offs from a Rubicon - I like them the way they are.
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