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I got these Amps, but now my Plans have Changed. These are from the Last Year that Orion was making Powerhouse Amps. The Amps made after these don't even come Close to the Build Quality & Power that these have.

They are both BNIB. Never even taken Out of the Box.

Class D technology for cool, stable operation
1 Ohm stable - 300W RMS into 1 Ohm
Polished gunmetal heatsink with etched orion logo
Mil-Spec double-sided circuit boards
Massive power supply with oversized torroid transformers
Paralleled internal power bus bars
Complementary bipolar output stage transistors
Variable 30-250 Hz low-pass crossover
INTELLi Q Bass processing
Variable 0-10 dB INTELLi Bass equalization
Variable 10-150 Hz subsonic filter
Satin finish direct-wire power and ground connections
Proprietary Copy/Master feature for multi-amp systems
Selectable preamp outputs
Copy/Master switch for gain and crossover matching
Separate variable high-pass crossover for preamp outputs
Combine two 300D amps to a single load
Removable end caps
Full CEA-2006 compliant specifications
13.8V RMS power ratings - even more power into 14.4V!
Optional RGC-1 remote gain control
Dimensions: 13 L x 10.5 W x 2.3 H

$225 Shipped/Each/OBO/No Trades/Con-US Only.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts