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Does anyone have one of these, or have any experience with Outland tops?

I like the foldback feature, looks cool too. :)


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I don't have any experience with the tops, but I have had other Outland stuff. What I have had was very cheaply made, imo. I probably wouldn't buy anything else with the Outland name on it, personally.

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I don't recomend it. Its a cheap price but you get what you pay for, the brackets and hinges are poorly made. The hinges are plastic, my driver said hinge for the flip top broke when i was driving on the highway, i had to fabricate my own with steel. You do have to drill for installation and if you are like ¼ of an inch off on the mounting holes your screwed. The flip back part for driver and passenger isnt even that easy to open. Once you flip it back, all the slack will just be folded over and you have to stuff it back towards the rear of the vehicle for it to be fully open. The canvas and window material are not bad though.
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