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Over Heating problems- Air in the cooling system?

i was driving down the street the other day and suddenly my temp went up and i blew my radiator. so i replaced my radiator, thermostat, and the hoses. after wards it wasn't running at 210 like it normally did, it is running over that. i do know that 210-215 is normal operating temp. but i would be driving down the road and the temp gauge would suddenly spike up over to red and the check gauges light would come on. so i replaced the sensor thinking that i fried the sensor when the radiator blew. but if you continue driving it while it says its overheating, it goes back up to operating temp for a while or if you turn it off wait 30 seconds and turn it back on it goes back to operating temp. it cools down and heats up very rapidly so i wouldn't think the engine is really overheating. i also don't have any heat. so I've been trying all the tricks trying to bleed a 4.0 Liter cooling system, as in park it on a hill and run it with the cap off, flushing the system and all that. i already went through 4 gallons of coolant trying to fix this problem!! i think it may be a gunked up heat core. any suggestions? Please! this is an on going problem that needs to get fixed.
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