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Overhead speakers REALLY low on 2011 Unlimited Sport

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Not sure why, but my overhead speakers are very, very faint. Tried the obvious of looking at the fade. Front speakers and tweeters are fine...just the overheads that are faint. Also tried the following:
1) Disconnected the battery for 10+ seconds
2) Confirmed the rear wiper plug was fully plugged
I head heard these two things can fix audio problems but neither worked. Any help would be appreciated.
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2011, infinity right? Stock head unit? Is this a sudden thing or is the jeep new to you?

Just trying to figure out what the situation is.
I know it wont help you right now but I got a pioneer double din with harness for super cheap I figured what the heck I’ll try it didn’t think much besides it looks better and wow huge difference in the audio sound just so you know
SOLVED! - Detailer "bumped" amp switches had the Jeep detailed two days ago and it hit me last night that maybe the detailer did something on my amp! Sure enough, I looked this morning and two of the switches had been moved to a low setting. Switched them back and I'm good to go! I guess the lesson here is for me to remember that I have an aftermarket amp that I should check if I have audio issues!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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