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Overlanding Camping Group

If your interested in Overland camping and what to meet like minded people, check out Off-Road Overland Camping on Facebook.

We are a group of laid back responsible off-road overlanding enthusiast. Unlike other groups, we are drama free, no babysitting here. You'll find no politics, rules and regulations, etc. in this group. Everyone tends to joke around and tell crazy stories around the campfire. If your one who is easily offended, this group probably isn't for you.

Our runs are exploratory, looking for old mines, cabins, running old trails that no one has been on for over 10+ years looking for cool and interesting places to visit. We research and map out the trips using InReach/Garmin or Gaia ahead of time so we have a good understanding of the area we plan to explore. Sometimes we get lost, have to backtrack to find our way or things don't go as planned. Also, we do not pre-run our trips. It's all part of the adventure.

We are interested in meeting like minded people who are interested in overland camping and exploring remote areas where a 4x4 is required. I also want to note you can't be afraid to damage your vehicle if you want to do these kinds of trips. Our trips are easy to moderate, no rock climbing.

After a long day on the trail, we typically setup camp between 4 to 6 pm depending on daylight savings time, start a campfire, have a cocktail/beers/dinner, etc. for the night. The next day, we usually hit the trail around 9:00 am or so.

Feel free to post events, off-road trip ideas, we want to hear what your off road experience, places you've been and are open to hearing about new ideas you may have.

****Guns are OK with us, most of the people the guys carry.

If your interested in going on our trips we require the following:
Good attitude.
At minimum of 2 Year experience off-roading.
4x4 vehicle in good working order, lockers are a plus, but not required.
Good Off-road tires with tread and a full size spare tire. If your tires are bald or show up with street tires, you won't be going on the run with us.
10 gallon extra fuel tank
Knowledge of changing a tire and using a jack.
Tow straps, winch and tools
Camping gear, extra water, food and warm clothes.
Your favorite brand of Wine, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum or Brandy

Each month we host a trip, typically 2 to 4 days depending on the location of the trip.

Anyone can host trips as well. Everyone in the group is ready to go at pretty much anytime.
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