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Overland Trip - Fort Churchill & The Pony Express Oct 14 at 11 PM – Oct 20 at 5 PM



6 Day Trip – OCTOBER 14TH TO 20TH, 2019

Plan on exploring the following locations:
• Fort Churchill, Pony Express, Middlegate Saloon, Cold Springs, Austin, NV - Stocks Castle, Black Mustang Hot Springs, Conquest Mine, West Gate Mine, Diana Punch Bowl, Tonopal, NV, Alkali Hot Springs, Goldfield, NV.., etc.

Meetup location and time:
1) October 15th at 8:30am Brady's Mobil gas station off hwy 14 & 395 at 8:30am.

2) October 14th at 11:00pm - meet at camp site location GPS coordinance N 35.710376 W 117.918234. The camp site about 3.4 miles behind Brady's in the canyon. Will be there around 11pm.

Day 1 – Head out at 8:30am to Fort Churchill where we plan to camp for the night. This will be a long day, 350 miles. Plan on stopping at Copper Top BBQ for lunch.

Day 2 – Head out around 8:30am
Continue West bound on the Pony Express. Will be stopping at West Gate Mine, Middlegate Saloon for lunch and checking out several of the monuments at Cold Springs mile marker. There are several old structures to see. Plan on camping at Edward Creek. Total miles for the day will be approximately 150.

Day 3 – Head out around 8:30am.
Travel on the Pony Express/ Old Overland Trail to Austin, NV. There will check out Stocks Castle, Conquest Mine can Black Mustang Hot Springs. Total miles for the day will be approximately 150.

Day 4 – Head out around 8:30am
Start heading south to Diana's Punch Bowl, Tonopal, NV. This looks likes a great place to look around. Have lunch in town, lots of cool stuff to see. Then head to Alkali Hot Springs where I plan to camp for the night. Total miles for the day will be approximately 150.

Day 5 – Head out around 8:30am
Keep heading south on hwy 95, drive through Death Valley. Plan on stopping for the night around 4:00pm to setup camp. Total miles for the day will be approximately 150.

Day 6 - Head home.

What do bring:
• Extra water, running at higher elevations you need to drink lots of water.
• Food, cooking stove, 1 bundle of fire wood (one for each day).
• Jeep/Truck in good working order
• CB Radio – Channel 18 / HAM 156.450
• 33” tires minimum.
• Full size spare tire, tools and first aid kit.
• High lift or bottle jack.
• Extra fuel 10 gallons.
• Tent, sleeping bag and warm clothes.
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