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4 Day Trip - Sept 19 to 22nd, 2019

Plan on exploring the following locations:
• Gold King Mansion, Merlo, Boriana, Leviathan, Cedar and San Francisco Mines. Also plan on camping on the Alamo Lake one night. Then crossing the Bill Williams river and checking out Johnson Ranch and Swansea Ghost Town

First Meeting place, Kramer Junction: September 19, 2019

8:00 am – Chevron Gas - 2890 Lenwood Rd, Barstow, CA 92311
8:15am am – Hit the road, Hwy 40 to Kingman, AZ.

Day 1 – Head to Gold King Mansion. This will be a long day approximately 325 miles. Plan on setting up camp around 4:00pm at the Standard mine.

Day 2 – 9:00am head to Gold King Mansion, Merlo, Boriana, Leviathia, Cedar & San Fransisco Mines making our way to Alamo Lake where we will camp on the lakes edge. Fishing is allowed, just need to get a license. Also, bring your swim suite.

Day 3 - 9:00am will be crossing the Bill Williams River and checking out two ghost towns, Johnson Ranch and Swansea Ghost Towns. Both look interesting with old ranch houses and buildings. Setup camp around 4:00pm in Swansea Ghost Town.

Day 4 – 9:00am - Start the journey back home.

What do bring:
• Extra water, beer, wine or your favorite cocktail.
• Food, cooking stove, 1 bundle of firewood (one for each day).
• Jeep/Truck in good working order
• CB Radio – Channel 18 / HAM 156.450
• 33” tires minimum.
• Full size spare tire, tools and first aid kit.
• High lift or bottle jack.
• Extra fuel 10 gallons.
• Tent, sleeping bag and warm clothes.
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