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Last year I had thrown a code for my egr (P0403) as well as for bank 2 sensor 2 heater circuit high (P0058).
I took it to my old mechanic at the time. He replaced the egr as well as the o2 sensor. He then said it was still throwing the same codes and replaced the pcm. Everything worked for about 1 month.
My jeep no longer was throwing the egr code but was throwing the heater circuit high code for all o2 sensors.

A few months ago I took it to a well respected jeep mechanic. He replaced the pcm again and repaired a wire behind the motor near the egr that had a break in it causing all 4 heater codes. About a week went by and I started getting code P0153 for (oxygen sensor slow response band 2 sensor 1) I had the same mechanic change the o2 sensor and it went away for a few days then reappeared. He then replaced the o2 again. Same thing after a few days the code showed up again. This time he checked my exhaust manifold on bank 2 and found a crack. He replaced the manifold and after a few days the same cod for P0153 came back. He has checked the wiring over and over as well as the circuit on the pcm and there is no issues. Does anyone have an idea where to turn next?

2008 Jeep JK 3.8 AUTOMATIC
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