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I have had an intermittent check engine lights for months, yesterday (An unusually hot one) things escalated to a whole new level. While driving home the engine begin shutting off sputtering and acting all kinds of wonky. I had it scanned at the local parts store and came up with.

P0320-Crankshaft Positioning Sensor
P0300-Multiple Cylinder Misfire
P0303-Cylinder #3 Misfire
P0305-Cylinder # 5 Misfire
P1391-Loss of signal from camshaft or crankshaft

I started by testing the Crankshaft Positioning Sensor, I had 5 V DC to the supply terminal (the orange one). However when I tested the OHMS on the #2 Pin (Sensor Return K167) and the negative battery terminal I had 1.4 OHMS, I then tested the ohms between sensor #2 and the PCM (A4) and I still had 1.4 OHMS. This morning everything is testing fine?

I began testing all the components on the K167 wire, which I believe is the ground for all the sensors that feed into the PCM. So far the only component not with-in tolerance is the coolant temperature sensor. Even though there is some visible corrosion on the connectors, It seems kind of far fetched that the coolant sensor would cause me to throw these codes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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