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Hey all, I have a question. In my last jeep it had a CB that the previous owner installed, but the antenna didn't work and seeing as I don't have any use for a CB anyhow i just used it for its PA function. I would like to get the same setup in my new jeep that I'm getting, but improve the design. Below are two links to the amp and speaker I used in the last setup. The issue I had with it was when i turned up the Amp the PA would feedback a lot. So my first question would be what CB would you recommend based on the fact that only want the PA function?

I also had it wired to the port in my stereo so I could give my friends "tours" like they do at disneyland or whatever. So question number 2 is, What can I get to go along with the CB setup that I have going that is a Wireless headset type thing similar to what the tour guides use?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks! :)

PA Amp: : Pyle PFA400U 100-Watt Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier with USB SD Reader and AC Adapter : Vehicle Stereo Amplifiers : Car Electronics

PA Speaker:
100-Watt PA Indoor/Outdoor Powerhorn Speaker : Powerhorn Speakers |
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