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Superchips flashcal

Bought new in 2012, used on my 2012 JK.
Reset back to stock before trading in the 2012
Works on 2011 to 2017 jeep wranglers.
Unit is Vin unlocked

Corrects Speedometer for Tire Upgrades Between 22.5” - 44.25”
Speedometer Recalibration for Gear /Axle Swaps Up to 5.38
ESP Stability Optimization
Engine Idle Adjustability for Winching
Street Legal TPMS Adjustability (Off-Road Options Available for Download)
Daytime Running Light Options
One Touch Lane Change
Radio Delay Options
Headlamp Delay Options
Horn Chirp and Exterior Lighting Flash Options When Locking Doors with Keyless Entry
Reads and Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Internet Updatable with Spark software

Free shipping


1 - 3 of 3 Posts