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Selling my homemade Packmule camping trailer. I made this trailer earlier this year with hopes to do a lot of camping this summer but unfortunately it didnt happen... It is extremely rugged, made out of a 4x8 HF trailer kit that was reconfigured to be a reinforced 4'x4' trailer frame. I made it with the intention of dragging it behind my JKU when doing some extended trips and I wanted my trailer to be able to handle light trails.

The main box is made of .75" thick cabinet grade oak plywood and sealed inside and out with three coats of poly. There are five 2x4 trusses that support the roof of the box so it can easily handle a RTT, bike rack, canoes, kayaks, etc. The inner box is made of 0.5" cabinet grade oak ply which is also sealed inside and out. The slides were made for a firetruck's toolbox - rated at 500lbs working load. They slide smooth as butter even with a LOT of gear in the box. Sides of the box flip up and lock so you have some built in counter space. Rear door locks on both sides and seals rain-tight.

Pulls great and goes right down the road. I spent a huge amount of time making this and spared no expense to make it properly. This is a very solid trailer that is ready for some good use.

Looking for $1000

Thanks for looking

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