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I still love my Jeep, but I now have a couple of concerns to warn my passengers who sit in the back seat.

First is the Rear Passenger Door Latching post. You know the square post that the rear door latch locks onto to keep the door closed when the door is shut. Most vehicles have a lip to prevent the Latching post from sticking out to prevent some one from hitting it on the way into the back seat. I have had this happen twice with a couple of friends who sat in the back, and they hit the post upon entering into the backseat.

The second is an awareness for when children sit in the backseat. My granddaughter buckled herself in last night and without thinking, laid her arm on the lip of the bed that is at the side of the seat next to the door opening. Without even realizing what she had done, her little finger was caught in the door on the inside. My heart about broke because I had shut the door when she was ready.

I would suggest FCA that this into account for any redesign in future model updates.

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