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Ok, don’t dismiss this just yet saying, “it’s the blend door actuator... just replace it.” I don’t believe it’s the blend door actuator.

There is a very hidden and ridiculously tough to get to actuator attached to the fan/blower behind the glove box in my 2012 JK. Just spent like 5 hours researching & then taking apart various parts of my interior to even gain access to try and remove this actuator and replace it. I gave up and just put everything back together.

Anyone know which one I’m talking about? If you take the glove box off you have the blend door actuator Left of center and then to the far right between the fan blower and the steel of the passenger fender is another actuator that is clicking when the ignition is ON and recirculating air turned on.

I’m a mess and can’t figure out how to access this part to replace it and stop the clicking. HELP! I have found NOTHING out there that addresses this.

Thanks, folks.

2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport 2D
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