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Are the doors unlocking but handle won't open them or are they not unlocking at all? I had both of mine get stuck closed a few months ago after re-installing for the Winter. They would unlock but the door handle would not open the doors.
You can get the inner panels off from inside w/ doors closed. Do a search thru Google. I am sure you can find the procedure, I did.
There are a few screws that have to come out, 2 I think, then the rest are push pin type connectors that hold the panel in place. They are a bit tough to pop out so you may want to pick up a automotive trim tool kit to help (this way you won't damage the panel using a screw driver or other pry bar tool). A few of the clips might brake so you may need some replacements.
Once the panel is off there is a rubber plug on the steel of the door (upper rearward corner). If you pop out that plug you will be able to see the door handle push-button mechanism. It gets corroded. Lube it up and press it w/ screw driver thru that access hole. I think you pry it inwards but I can't recall. Again Google/ YouTube has some good videos. This should open the door for you.
Once opened lube it up real good, careful lube will run out the lower drain holes of the door, and reinstall the rubber plug and door panel.
Good luck.
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